With more than 10 years of experience, I support my clients to release pain, anxiety and stress as well as to get through personal crises in an empowering way.

I work with touch and bodywork, with breathing techniques and verbal communication to teach you to find your individual way of dealing with whatever challenges you.
Together we follow your intuition, rhythme and pace.
And by me being precise and simple, full of humour and empathy, I help you to re-balance body&life and gain back your natural self-confidence.

Integrating your physical experiences, your thoughts and feelings will help to focus, gain clarity and recover. From here you can thrive - and live the way you wish to. Decision making, parenting, working, the ability to enjoy life more - it all starts with feeling well (again) in your body and your life.

Releasing Pain

Acute and chronic pain limits not only the body but all our life - movements, moods and behaviour.
I do not only focus on the pain itself, but also on its side-effects. Individual reactions towards pain, learned patterns how to deal with it, are often right in the way of fast recovering.

With this unique and holistic approach new opportunities of releasing pain can be unfolded. My clients learn longterm life-changing strategies to deal with pain.

And even though it´s serious, we don´t have to become "heavy".

Coping with Stress

Sudden emotional strain, constant high-level of distress, too many things on your plate - many of my clients feel at odds with themselves and torned between all the challenges in their private and professional life. 
Together we discover how they hold and continue this stress in their body - and how they can find a way out.

Somehow I do like crises. There´s always a lot of energy involved and the chance to make a change. And so I help my clients finding new ways to cope with challenging situations in their life in their personal way.


My clients enjoy the powerful and focused footwork I offer to relax and recover.
They learn how to rest, digest and gain back a solid level of energy. This goes together with pleasure and complex sensations.

Couples (or friends) can learn some of these techniques from me - and treat each other well at home on their sofa.

*You are what you need - Become who you are.*

Your body provides all you need. I teach my clients how to re-connect to their own powerful resources, to trust their body and become self-confident again.