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VerletzlichkeitThe power of Vulnerability, März 2017 /, Juni 2010

How to Stimulate your Vagus Nerv
OptimalLivingDynamics, Januar 2017

The Benefit of Controlled Breathing
The New York Times, November 2016

How People learn to Become Resilient
The New Yorker, February 2016

Depression as an allergic reaction
The Guardian, January 2016

Embodied Communication (Buch)
M. Storch & W. Tschacher, 2016

Gabor Maté: How to Build a Culture of Good Health
yes! magazine, November 2015

How to Control Inflammation with Your Brain
Uplift, November 2015

Why a Broken Heart Really Hurts
The Guardian, September 2015

Intelligence in the Flesh (Buch)
Guy Claxton, 2015

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime, September 2014

How to make stress your friend, June 2013

Heilen mit dem Geist
Der Spiegel, May 2013

Negative Emotions are a Key to Well-Being
Scientific American, May 2013

Sprache ohne Worte (Buch)
Peter A. Levine, 2010/2014

Massage für die Seele - Die Grinberg Methode
Der Tagesspiegel, Oktober 2008