Sandra Gärtner 

For 10+years, I have guided women to release pain and stress and to manage emotional crises. I work with a unique combination of touch, breathing techniques and verbal communication. Body*communication is based on the Grinberg Method® which I combine with systemic coaching techniques.

I am based in Berlin, where I live with my 10year old son., and in Reading (Berkshire).
Born 1979, I grew up in a small village in North Germany. After school I moved to Leipzig and Berlin to study Sociology and Psychology. Before I started working with the Grinberg Method®, I joined a young team of journalists producing a weekly talkshow on TV.
Since 2012 I am Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method. Learning is endless - I keep on participating in workshops and courses, received another qualification in Pantarei Approach in 2017 - and developped my unique style of working with people. Reading the latest books and research in neuroscience about the interaction between body and mind is thrilling and encouraging. It underlines the power of my work.

I believe that communication, exchange and self-expression are vital skills. If one is able to express their wishes, feelings and needs, they can live the life they want - it is part of their personal freedom. To combine verbal and bodily communication is both: pleasure and fun.

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